Earth Logic Gardening

Illustration · Papercut · Handmade · Book

A collaboration with Earth Logic to illustrate their gardening principles for
the second part of their book, the Earth Logic Plan. Written by Kate Fletcher (PhD) and Mathilda Tham (PhD), two of the world’s most cited scholars in fashion and sustainability,
the Earth Logic fashion action research plan warns of the unacceptable climate, environmental and social impacts of the fashion industry.
The images to accompany the second book are elaborate paper cuts, each carved out of a single sheet of handmade, Indonesian Lokta paper.


Soon to be published digitally for free download by: Earth Logic

written by:

Kate Fletcher & Mathilda Tham

illustrated by:

Karishma Chugani Nankani

videos to take a look at:

Earth Logic Gardening/Introduction”>

Earth Logic Gardening/Local

Earth Logic Gardening/Less

Earth Logic Gardening/Plural