Cortège, Estudio Dagoberto Rodriguez Carpintero, Madrid


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A showcase presentation of “Una idea de Paisaje Duplicado” (A Duplicated Idea of a Landscape) and “Un Nuevo y Viejo San Juan” (A New and Old San Juan), the ongoing projects curated by Juan Carlos Bracho in his natal city, La Linea de Concepcion were displayed in the studio of the Cuban artist Dagoberto Rodriguez for two weeks as a way to share awareness of the work and all of the artists and collectives involved and announce future projects: “Cortège” and “Angeles Demonias Diosas  y Monstruos”.  The inauguration and private visits welcomed a series of curators and gallerists as well as a session with the students of the program: “In medias es” from Prado Education – a project based on encounters with a group of young adults between the ages of 16 and 25 who wish to establish a link with the Museum based on collaboration and the co-creation of content (see video).

Una idea de paisaje + info


In medias res

Dagoberto Rodriguez