What I can do for you

I take great pleasure in working closely with all of my clients to find the language to transmit their story.
Each project is hand-crafted and designed with great care. I have written a list of services to give you an idea of what I can offer, but I would be delighted to hear your story and new find ways to tell it.

Window Displays

Working with spacial design and  the brand philosophy I create display concepts that not only embellish the window, but reflect  the universe the brand embodies.

Theatre boxes

The theatre boxes were initially designed as part of the universe of To Night and Back.
They are entirely hand-made and each piece is exclusive. The existing pieces can be made to order (as they are hand drawn, no two pieces will ever be exactly the same).
Personalised boxes can also be ordered, both in black and white and in colour.


The storyboxes were designed as storytelling objects that illuminate a room. They can be used as night lights for children’s rooms, thus providing a living story on the wall.
For the moment, there are two types available: classical tale and mythological story boxes.
These boxes can be ordered, and soon can be purchased on the online shop (ecoledepapier.com). It is also possible to order a personalised storybox, or request the story you wish.


In the portraits I have been commissioned, I work from a photograph and add details, objects and symbols that reflect the universe of the person being portrayed. The image celebrates the memory and essence of that person.

Family Trees

Through my work, I am fascinated by ancestry and heritage. After having illustrated my own family tree for Las Visitas de Nani, I have been approached by several clients who wish to offer their own tree as gifts to their family members. This is now a service I am happy to offer. Please arrange for a deadline between three and six months.

Product illustration & Illustrated advertisement

If you are looking for new ways to show your product for catalogues and websites, illustrating them will reflect a visual brand image that is at once realistic and whimsical.

Goody Bags & Business presents

Every year, I make celebratory kits for my favourite festivities. I offer the possibility of working on personalised goody bags for press events, celebrations and business presents for the holidays.

Personalised paper-toys and kits

Through my research of traditional narrative techniques and paper objects, I have designed a series of paper toys that will soon be available on the online shop. I also design personalised paper-toys and kits. Contact me for more information if you wish to create your own paper-toy.

Artist books

Artist books are a beautiful gift. If you would like to commission an artist book, let me know your ideas and budget so that I can propose a format.

Editorial projects

I have several projects available for publishing listed in my portfolio. Publishers, do contact me if you are interest in any of them. Also, do not hesitate to contact me to commission new work, both written and illustrated.


I have exhibited in cultural spaces, galleries and bookshops. If you would like to exhibit my existing work or commission new work for an exhibition, I would be thrilled to discover your space and explore the possibilities of collaborating.

Logos & packaging design

My logo design is characterised by its hand-made feel. If you wish to design or re-design your logo, do get in touch.
I take great pleasure in designing packaging. Do send me your briefing, and I will send you my proposal.