Let me tell you more

about what I am working on at the moment.  This will be the place where I will announce upcoming events, presentations, workshops. I will write about new projects and collaborations. At times, I will write new things about old projects, or about things I have stored secretly away in boxes and drawers. Just to air them out, to share them with you, to ponder on what to do next.

I hope to write every week, on Sunday mornings. Sunday morning are good for writing. They are also very good for sleeping in, and doing other such things, so if I don’t write rigidly every Sunday morning…you will understand that I am doing something equally  or more important.

Today’s announcement is situational – if you are reading these lines it is because you find yourself (intentionally or better yet haphazardly) in my blog.

This is situated inside of my brand new, squeaky-clean website, which will be launched at the end of the month. It is being carefully designed and constructed as we speak by Ana Mareca and Laura Bustillo La Particular.


Web work sessions with Laura Bustillo and Ana Mareca La Particular in the library of La Cala

The photographs of my work are by Maria Pascual de la Torre and Miguel Hernandez Miki Pluviam.

Constructing my website has been like making couscous among friends on Fridays: a feast, celebratory, requiring strategic planning as to what ingredients to include, preparation of each ingredient with care, music and dancing in the background while doing it all, dedicating lots of time and attention to all the steps.


Photoshoot sessions with María Pascual and Miki Hernandez, Pluviam

We started this many Fridays ago and are now just tending to the final details.

The launch of the web will be accompanied by imaginary fireworks.


Song of the day:

L’Arpeggiata – Athanasius Kircher (1602-1680) – Tarantella Napoletana, Tono Hypodorico