La Visitas de Nani The Book

Illustration · Design · Text

Las visitas de Nani is a memoir of my grandmother Nani’s life. She spent most of it travelling between her children’s homes. I remember her visits throughout my childhood. She came every couple of years and stayed for many months.
She always brought stories, rituals and magic along.
The book is a mix of real facts entangled with mythology and fantasy. It is separated in chapters, each one ending with one of Nani’s sweet recipes that she would often make for us, her grandchildren.

Artist’s Residence at La Cala

To begin the final drawings of the book, I attended an artist residence at La Cala in Chodes, during which I occupied the exhibition space and made a large mural-map of all the visual material and research I had been gathering over the previous 4 years.
A documentary of the residence can be viewed here.

published by:

Ediciones Ekaré (autumn 2018)